"Pickering needs a fighter who stands up for the ordinary hardworking taxpayers to get the City working just as hard as they do!"

Anthony Yacub

What I'll Do For You

Work Toward Responsible Development

Restrict additional buildings in historical neighbourhoods and preserve the community’s identity and environment.

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Broaden the Tax Base through Small Business Tax Rebate

Propose a Small Business Tax Rebate and a Three Year Property Tax Subsidy which is of no expense to the city.

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Make Our Community Safer

Implement traffic calming, extend a subway along Kingston Road and support Crime Prevention initiatives.

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Dear Pickering Residents,

My vision for Pickering is clear, grounded in community needs, and can be achieved by delivering it with a common sense and fiscally prudent approach.

I firmly believe in the following long-term goals:

  1. Purchase Price of a home should be its assessed value for the remainder of the residents ownership of that property.
  2. Seniors Property Tax Rebate should be kept up with the Cost of Living.
  3. Proportion of tax revenue from residential to commercial property taxation should be shifted from 85% Residential & 15% Commercial to 70% Residential & 30% Commercial.
  4. A Scarborough Subway Extension should be extended into Pickering to interconnect workers into the City and alleviate gridlock on city streets.
  5. Property Taxes Increases should be less than the Rate of Inflation and be further subsidised by Commercial/Industrial Development.

Moreover, I would like to see governance here be more transparent where we see the taxpayers interests put first above all else.

Here are my solutions for our Ward which will benefit our residents and the City:

A Small Business Start-Up Tax Credit for Pickering Residents who would like to start a business in our community to broaden the Tax Base.

A Halt on all Kingston Road High-Rise Intensification until the Scarborough Subway Extension is approved by the Provincial Government.

A Redirection of Casino Revenue to increase the Property Tax Rebate for our Fixed-Income Seniors making it more accessible to keep up with the Cost of Living.

Expanding our Capital Expenditures to include an animal shelter expansion and initiate overnight animal rescue services.

Recognize Twyn Rivers, Woodlands, South Rosebank, West Shore, and Fairport Beach as historical communities to protect its heritage and environment.

I encourage you to learn more about my plan at anthonyforward1.ca and I encourage you to vote for Anthony Yacub on October 24th to bring an innovative approach to governance at City Hall where your voice matters!